Peter Somers
"with a Passion for Photography and People"

Artist's Bio: I started taking pictures and assembled my first darkroom at age 13. I am now mostly photographing individuals and models for fun, but it has been a long journey to get to this point.

My two main focuses these days are Fine Art and what I call Personal Art (i.e. currently being my Be Art project where I'm co-creating with my subject(s) and then turning our images into fine art prints). But first let me tell you about my journey. I told you about starting at 13, and even then I was drawn to photographing people. I played around with photography through college, taking pictures and spending countless hours in the darkroom. And up through college I had been self taught.

After college and as an Energy Engineer (doing mostly energy conservation and utility management) I had the time and money to start taking classes. During this period I started broadening and refined my skills. I also started working with models in the mid-80s, doing both fine art and fashion, and I started getting requests for photographing weddings and doing portraiture.

In 2000, I had the opportunity to "retire" from engineering and become the primary parent for my then 6 year old daughter. It was unbelievable spending so much quality time with my daughter. Additionally, between putting her on the bus in the morning and meeting her bus in the afternoon, I spent a lot of time with photography, ultimately building up a successful business. During this very active period as a professional photographer, I was learning, refining, expanding and specializing.

Then in 2004 both divorce and reality hit, and I returned to energy engineering. But I made sure that "reality" wasn't too normal in that I took a job as the Energy Engineer for the US Antarrctic(sic) Program, which took me to "The Ice" for 4 or 5 months a year (see my Antarrctica work in the "Be Art" section of my web site - and I apologize for the misspelling but I don't want any kids googling to the site), with the rest of my 1.5 year stint with the USArP working in the Denver, CO area where I also maintained a fully functional professional photography studio.

But reality, or the lack there of, in Antarrctica had to come to an end and now I am back in North Carolina and loving it. Again, I maintain a fully functional professional photography studio and invite you to contact me if you would like to discuss working together.

I photograph in both color and black & white with both professional digital and film cameras. I also manipulate images digitally. And because of today's technologies, I am able to show and sell both chemically processed prints (dark room printed and/or digital laser light printed on photographic paper) and digital inkjet or giclée prints.

And finally, below is a photo of my studio.

I did 12 shoots, starting in 2001, with a model who became a great friend, and she recently e-mailed the following unsolicited testimonial from Chicago.

“Peter … I wanted to make sure to get you a testimonial. Also thanks so much for sending the updated pics; they remind me of my wonderful North Carolina days...such happy memories :-)

“Peter is incredibly passionate about his art, and always professional in his approach. He has a way of working with a subject that results in an inspiring exchange of ideas and creative energy. Everyone who has seen our work is very impressed and I have had more opportunities to use some of our photos than I ever would have thought (bios for work, stretching photos for my stretching workshops, etc, etc, etc). I am glad that I had the opportunity to work with him, and I will always treasure the photographs that resulted from our collaboration.
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I am working behind the camera so much that I have started inserting myself into images. Most of the images are of a model and me collaborating together, however the link below is a example of me being the stylist at a workshop at my stulio, with this quick slide show made from shots by Arnold Greenwell (and yes, this can be obnoxious if viewed more than once ;-).

Click here, or on the picture below, to see several more fun Collaboation Images.


I support the Special Olympics and have recently donated photographs to them for use in their work and promotions. Here is a billboard that I supplied the photograph for.

And because I am such a "Breast Man," I also support the Feel Your Boobies Foundation and have recently donated to their work and promotions.

I also encourage you to support the Special Olympics, Feel Your Boobies, and/or your charity of choice.

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