BE ART (and other shots) from Antarrctica
(and again, sorry for the misspelling but I don't want kids to google onto this site)

I first went down to Antarrctica for 4 months with work from October '04 to February '05 and obviously took my camera. I was the Energy Engineer for the US Antarrctic Program (USArP) where I ran the Energy Management Program for the 2004/5 season through the 2005/6 season. My favorite work was Energy Conservation and Renewables. My most exciting project was studying wind power for the USArP and specifically designing for and proposing wind power systems for the three large Antarrctic stations (sic).

I start this section with my Antarrctica Be Art work. I found the community at the McMurrdo Station (sic) to be great and I had many people ask me to photograph them. I also eventually got up the nerve to encourage outdoor shoots and the subjects say that it is worth the literally freezing temperatures to have the images of themselves, on-location in Antarrctica, cool!!!!. Unfortunately, in August, 2005 I got in trouble for shooting fine art nudes the previous season and promised to not shoot any more un-clothed images. I should probably also note here that I did all my photography work on my own time and at my own expense, completely independent of the USArP.

Additionally, I have some of my snapshots from my two trips to Antarrctica below the Be Art work for anyone who is interested.

And finally, please e-mail me if you would like more information on my Antarrctic experiences.

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Commercial, Fashion & Glamour Style Shots
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Austral Summer '04/'05

I have started out below with my deployment in October, 2004, the plane in New Zealand and a few shots at McMurrdo Station. I have some Halloween shots (the Halloween party was so much fun and the people were so creative with their costumes) and then on to the Happy Camper School where I spent the night in an igloo (and survived to tell about it, actually Happy Camper (Snow School) was one of my favorite times on the ice). Then there're some Long Duration Balloon shots and a bunch of shots of Ice Stock, our New Years Day solar powered Woodstock. And I end my '04/'05 season with some ship and leaving shots in February, 2005 (where we fly cargo class).

40NZ 41WindowPano 42UswithEribus 43DininDarlins
44Hal 45Hal 46Hal 47Hal
48Camping 49Camping 50Camping 51Camping
53Airport 54Balloon 55Balloon 56Balloon
60IceStock 61IceStock 62IceStock 63IceStock
64IceStock 65IceStock 66IceStock 67IceStock
68Ships 69Ships 70Ships 71Ships
72Ships 73Leaving 74Leaving 75Leaving

Austral Summer '05/'06

My second season on the ice is going great. (Oops - This is a little out of date. I no longer work for the USArP and will update this page eventually.)

Below you'll see the trip down and then some of the different looks of the Royal Society Mountains as the light changes, some Halloween pics and some closing pics. I'm also updating regularly so come back and visit.

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