Playa del Fuego 5/03

Warning - these pages are from an old web page design so there is old info, i.e. contact info, and a lot of extra verbiage.

But that being said, please check out these shots and copy anything that you would like. On the world wide web, you can right click over any picture and there should be a way to save it to your computer - and/or call at 919-768-8537, and I'll try to help. Some of these small web friendly proofs have not been cropped, color corrected or anything else (i.e. lightened or darkened, ... etc.). This can all be done with the final printing (depending on where you take them to be printed). Also, if there is a density (i.e. lightness/darkness) issue with any image(s) seen here, you might find it helpful to adjust the brightness on your monitor for that shot.

Additionally, you can get me to e-mail you the image files, free and higher resolution images than the web images. Or you may order professional quality prints that include anything from slight refinements (i.e. removing a stray hair) to major retouching (i.e. removing or adding a stray person).

5033Funkified 5038and40 5041CroppedAndMoved 5056
5058 5063 5064Colorized 5072
5073 5076and75sduck 5094Cropped 5095Cropped
5132and33 5142Funkified 5153 IMG_5023
IMG_5029 IMG_5030 IMG_5031 IMG_5045
IMG_5046 IMG_5052 IMG_5068 IMG_5077
IMG_5084 IMG_5099 IMG_5101 IMG_5102
IMG_5103 IMG_5140 IMG_5142 IMG_5151