Transformus 04

Please check out these shots and copy anything that you would like. On the world wide web, you can right click over any picture and there should be a way to save it to your computer - and/or call at 919-768-8537, and I'll try to help. Some of these small web friendly proofs have not been cropped, color corrected or anything else (i.e. lightened or darkened, ... etc.). This can all be done with the final printing (depending on where you take them to be printed). Also, if there is a density (i.e. lightness/darkness) issue with any image(s) seen here, you might find it helpful to adjust the brightness on your monitor for that shot.

Additionally, you can get me to e-mail you the image files, free and higher resolution images than the web images. Or you may order professional quality prints that include anything from slight refinements (i.e. removing a stray hair) to major retouching (i.e. removing or adding a stray person).

img_2349 img_2352 IMG_2363 img_2365 img_2369 img_2371
img_2382 img_2383 img_2386 IMG_2387 img_2392 img_2393
img_2395 img_2396 img_2398 img_2400 img_2402 img_2403
img_2407 IMG_2409 img_2411 img_2412 img_2414 img_2415
img_2421 IMG_2422 img_2423 IMG_2426 img_2430 img_2441
IMG_2443 IMG_2444 img_2450 img_2453 img_2454 img_2456
img_2457 IMG_2461 IMG_2465 img_2466 img_2467 img_2468
img_2471 img_2478 img_2480 img_2483 img_2485 img_2486
img_2488 img_2495 img_2497 img_2498 img_2499 img_2501
img_2503 IMG_2505 img_2507 img_2508 img_2511 img_2515
img_2517 img_2518 img_2521 img_2522 IMG_2523 img_2529
img_2530 img_2531 img_2532 img_2534 img_2535 img_2539
img_2540 img_2543 img_2544 img_2547 img_2549 img_2550
img_2552 img_2554 img_2565 IMG_2590 img_2614 img_2618
IMG_2623 img_2632 IMG_2643 img_2646 IMG_2653 img_2659
img_2662 img_2665 img_2675 img_2678 img_2679 IMG_2681
img_2684 img_2688