BE ART, Fire Art and the Burning Man Adventure

Burning Man, the festival and the associated happenings are an unbelievable adventure and I thank everyone for contributing to all my Burning Man experiences. The people of Burning Man are what make the experience for me and I have tried to document and show a small sampling of the people (and life) at different Burning Man get togethers.

Additionally, because it's the people that make the experience, I would like to keep in touch with you and get your feedback on my work. Also, I'm happy to remove an image, e-mail you any high-resolution images and/or lighten/refine/crop/whatever any images that you like. So please e-mail me (by clicking on "e-mail me").

Below are several links to a couple of different "Burns" or Burning Man Festival type events. I should also say that there are always too many shots to include and/or sometimes shots that I'm still working, so please let me know if you would like to see something that you think I shot but that you don't see.

Burning Man 2003

I start below with my first Burning Man, in 2003. I feel that I got my best people shots that year because I didn't know many people so spent a lot of time making new friends and photographing them. Immediately below are 8 of my favorite images. They are then followed by a link to a lot more BM03 pics.

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I also spent lots of time doing volunteer work, which was very rewarding and I encourage it for everyone.

Regional Burns

Here are a few pictures from some of the regional burns, or events. I start with Decompression 04 (Denver, CO), a Decompression 04 Picnic (Denver), Transformus 04 (North Carolina), Soup Stock 04 (Florida) Decompression 03 (Florida) & Playa del Fuego 03 (Delaware). Click on each image to get you to the web page with pictures from that event.

Burning Man 2005

My most recent burn was Burning Man 2005. The past couple of years have been pretty introspective years for me so this past Burning Man was a quiet, yet nice one (assuming I can use "quiet" and "nice" in the same sentence as "Burning Man"). I didn't do much photography although I did get in one quick little Be Art shoot. I also shot 2 GREAT(!!!!) Playa Q dinners and encourage anyone interested in eating great food out on the playa with a bunch of great people to contact me and I'll help you get signed up to join us.

Below are 12 of my favorite shots from the Burning Man 2005 Festival.

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Fire Art

Additionally, an integral part of the Burning Man experience is the dancing, spinning and performing with fire. As a photographer I am intrigued by this and have devoted the following small part of my web site to this amazing fire art.