The BE ART Project
You Can Have a Blast and Be Art Too.

The concept of my Be Art Project is that shooting photography and creating art can be FUN (i.e. entertaining, challenging, expanding, broadening, etc.) and Rewarding (i.e. you get great pictures).

And as such, this is a participatory, co-creating endeavor for both you, the subject(s), and me, the photographer, where we work together to create art of you. Please contact me if you are interested in participating.

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General BE ART images from My Studio or On-Location

BE ART (and other shots) from Burning Man festivals

I have my Burning Man and related regional art festivals' work both here (because Burning Man is all about Art, Being Art and because Be Art was conceived as a Burning Man Art Project) and under "Events" (because Burning Man, and related festivals, are surely EVENTS!!!!!).

BE ART (and other shots) from Antarrctica
(sorry for the misspelling but I don't want kids to google onto this site)