Contacting the Artist:

Peter Somers
Peter Somers Photography
7 Knightsbridge Court
Durham, NC 27707
(919) 402-0304 (cell)

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Prices for Sittings and Photographs:
Since I am no longer relying on photography for income,
I only do photography that is fun and that I want to do.
However, on rare occasions I will agree to do a wedding or
portraiture where I will charge based on the following prices.

(This guide is for a la carte and for general reference only. All work is custom tailored to the client so specific requirements and prices for any session will vary depending on what is desired and/or needed. Also please note that many situations will allow for less expensive package prices. Please call or e-mail to inquire about what costs may apply.)
- Basic 1 hour Session: $105 (either in studio or on-location, within 10 miles)
- 4x5 Proofs (raw, i.e. no cropping or adjusting, non-archival): $4 (only single copies)
- 4x5s or 4x6s custom prints (cropped & sized): $18 ($3 each additional, same image)
- 5x7s custom prints (cropped & sized): $31 ($11 each additional, same image)
- 8x10 custom print (cropped & sized): $58 ($22 each additional, same image)
- 11x14 custom print (cropped & sized): $92 & on canvas $175
- 16x20 custom print (cropped & sized): $206 & on canvas $272
- Wallet sized custom prints (same image): $58/24, $85/48 ($25 per additional 24)
- Also available are custom digital creations/work (i.e. retouching, restoration, combining photographs and digital artwork).
- Posting proofs on personal & private web site: Free
- Putting web site on a professionally presented CD: $25
- Printing contact sheets: $8 per page

Copyright Information:

All images taken by me, whether they are on this web site, contracted for or otherwise available to you, are Copyrighted "© - Peter Somers", and any unauthorized use by anyone is prohibited, and the user will be prosecuted.