Figure Study Testimonials

Peter Somers Photography proudly includes the following testimonials as a sample of what has been received from past clients. A testimonials book has been kept since Peter Somers Photograph opened it's doors in 2001. Please ask to see it and please add whatever you like.

- This is the first time I've done anything like this (modeling). I intend to go into acting so I figured I might as well start somewhere. I can honestly say that I'm glad that I started with Peter. At first I was nervous but it was easy to relax as time went on. After a few minutes I really started enjoying it. Peter has a very professional manner so for someone who has never done this before (i.e. me), he certainly made me comfortable. I was then initially a little wary when we got to semi-nudes but I wanted to and Peter's manner was VERY easy-going and professional, and I ended thinking it was kind of cool. All the pictures turned out being fabulous, and some of them were ultra-fabulous. The photos, head shots to fine art, were exactly what I wanted and they'll come in handy for my future portfolio. If I weren't moving, I'd also do it again in a heartbeat. 5/3/01

- Peter is great. Since we are working on a lengthy agenda, I will be keeping an ongoing record of my thoughts.
6/18/01 First meeting - Peter is very likeable, easy to talk to, inquisitive but not invasive, and he is thoughtful. I felt quite comfortable, which came through in the pics!
6/21/01 2nd Shoot. Between Peter's ideas, my ideas and our shared zealousness for more great pics, this meeting got a little frenzied. Great location (Duke Forest) just not enough time. Also, we broke the ice on nudes in this remote locale and in hind sight, that was probably not a great idea even though nothing weird happened. As a matter of fact, Peter had me laughing w/ his good-natured humor and impeccable knack for realizing that work can be play.
6/26/01 3rd Meeting. Mostly talked. Peter is fabulous about open communication. He is also very organized. We got in a quick whimsical shoot @ the playground across the street.
7/9/01 & 7/16/01 for Studio Shoots 1 & 2. Very productive shoots. Peter is very insightful as to both parties' moods - even when ideas are still flowing he knows when to quit (any more and I surely would have started looking tired).
NUDES!!!!!! It is only natural & human to feel awkward (remember Adam & Eve). I suggest to start by discussing desired shots, then start shooting semi-nudes, use drapes, and/or establish a character or personality to play. And Peter did a great job "easing into" nudes by letting me take control of the situation.

(July 2001 to May 2002. Seven more shoots with this subject didn't get recorded in the testimonials book but were all great.)

- Peter, Thank you for offering me this opportunity and for putting me at ease. I found it was really fun after I got over the "camera lens jitters". I appreciated the encouragement and support when I felt shy or uncertain. In short, you were great to work with! I also liked the results.

- The first pictures I ever posed for were for Peter, and it was fabulous! My day of shooting was a long one but Peter really helped me ease into the shots, and by the end of the day, I felt so much more comfortable in front of the camera. I truly had a great time and learned so much. It was a wonderful experience, and I am so happy with the results. 8/19/01