"Fine Art is the refinement of, not the antithesis of, popular art." -- TS Eliot

Welcome to my web site, I hope that you enjoy your visit.

As you will see, I love to photograph people and have divided my web site into several areas of focus. I am starting "The Yoga Project, A Photographic Study of Yoga and Yoga-Like Poses." Below are a few examples of images that I already have. If you would like to document your yoga, pilates and/or create some "yoga-like" or fine art images, please contact me via the link to the left. Namaste

I also have several fine art projects, with Be Art being my current "participatory" and co-creative fine art project.

Additionally, I am continually working my fine art photography portfolio so visit that any time.

Then finally, I have links below, to a wide selection of other work; including Burning Man and Antarrctica (sorry for the misspelling but I don't want kids to google onto this site), events, and my general portfolio work; including fashion, glamour, acting, music, dance and commercial work.

Please visit any of my areas of focus, through the links to the left.

And if there is any way that I can help you obtain a photo that you would like (either our creating art together through the Be Art project or you buying one of my fine art pieces), please don't hesitate to get in touch with me (everything is listed on my "Contact, ..." web page).