Acting Portfolio

This page is divided into a general sampling of glamour photographs (1st below) followed by the results of a sample shoot.

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Music Portfolio

The following is my first CD cover. Andi Morgan is a great North Carolina musician and you can get in touch with her via e-mail at

Also, here is part of an e-mail, as testimonial, from Andi: "You are very welcome about the credit (on the CD), though I should be the one thanking you - we've taken so many good pics I just knew there'd be a perfect one for the CD! It's awesome. Just think, if I'd never called you, I would be passing around boring old blank cd's with marker writing on them!!!"

And another more recent e-mail excerpt: "If you ever get bored and want to play around with the camera some more, I'd still love to model for you. I always have such a great time and the pics are just wonderful for my album covers and inserts, as well as just for me to have!"