Glamour Photography

The following images and pages show the results of a Portfolio, Glamour shoot. These photographs are a sampling of photographs that were taken in a single, 5 outfit, afternoon session. The first 7 Pose picture was done because we know that the model's agent needs to give his clients a view of all angles of her body. This image gives the client a feel for her proportions, all in one picture.


011GS 021GS 031GS 041GS
051GS 061GS 111GS 121GS
131GS 141GS 211GS 221GS
231GS 241GS 251GS 261GS
271GS 281GS 311GS 321GS
331GS 341GS 351GS 361GS
371GS 381GS 391GS 411GS
421GS 431GS 441GS 451GS
511GS 521GS